1. Jim says

    Hello, Admin! :) Do you have any news on this issue? Would be really appreciated! :) Thanks a lot. Have an outstanding day!


    Please no one should use They are very unreliable and not worth using to unlock your phone. After placing an order for over 1 month, they didn’t bother to contact me and when I sent them an email. They refunded my money. Thats pretty unfair, so people don’t tie your money down with Cellunlock.
    Concerned citizen

  3. says

    Nokia Lumina 520 unlock. Anyone know where to go for this, I have paid (and been refunded) by two companies and told by about 5 companies that they cannot at this point due to the AT&T servers being down.

    Is there not a bruteforce/software dongle approach out there? The AT&T people on the phone are a bunch of a$$h0l$.
    If I had known I wouldnt have bought the phone but i jumped on a plane and no longer in the states.

  4. Lisa says

    I bought an iphone 4s with the carrier AT&T that I want to unlock from someone i don’t have contact with anymore. If my sister who has AT&T calls the company and tells them she bought it, will they unlock it for her? Seeing as she did not buy it directly for the company? It is not reported stolen.

    • says

      Lisa, Yes you should be able to do this. As long as the phone you’re not trying to unlock is not on AT&T’s lost or stolen list. Have your sister call AT&T and ask them to have this phone unlocked for you.

  5. Dylan says

    If you search my username on ebay: rokstar4life you will see my listing for unlocking iPhones. Although it is pricey, $125 (due to ebay + paypal fees), it is secure through eBay and if anything happens, I will refund your money. Check it out!

    • James Smith says

      I can unlocked all AT&T iPhones except iPhone 5(S+C). This means Unlocking is being done up to iphone 4S for AT&T.
      Price: $120 (Have done over 50 unlocks successfully so far)

      Also unlocking T-mobile & Verizon iPhones and pretty much any other carrier of the world, any phone dirt cheap

      email with your inquiries

      • says

        Do you have a website?

        Most of us are tired of going through a guy who has a guy who has a guy. Many visitors here need 50 a day and want to know who you are and your company before posting over $5,000 and crossing our fingers.

  6. Smoke says

    Its almost 2month now since i got my iphone 5c and still cant get it unlocked it seems like there is no Hope or reliable source even coming anytime soon not even with Jailbreak.

    • says

      iPhone 5c and 5s will be very hard to unlock, if ever. Because previously the law states that any device manufauctured after early 2013 could not be unlocked. This left many 4, 4s and 5’s in a “questionable” grey area and could still be submitted successfully.

      iPhone 5s and 5c, 100% of devices are manufactured after this date and thus AT&T and Apple both are fully aware that neither should be unlocked.

      Previous to things really jamming up, iphone 5c and 5s were more difficult to unlock that others.

      My advice would be not to wait to be able to unlock your iPhone 5c via paid IMEI submission if that’s what you’re doing. Get a friend who has AT&T to help you unlock or sell the device before the price drops.

      • James says

        The web site that you suggested idevice guys, they claim they can unlock any 5s or 5c from ATT for $99, also if I`m ATT customer what that means, I still can’t unlock Iphone 5s.

        • says

          If you use them please let me know if it works out. Yes you’re right. Even if Att customer only way to get iPhone unlocked for 5c or 5s is not you bought it right out.

          Otherwise after 6 months people have success by calling up and telling ATT your going out of the country and need it unlocked.

      • Jay says

        Even if it takes 10 days to unlock iphone 5s/5c’s, do you know of any one that can serve wholesale?or does anyone know?

        • says

          Right now I stand by my last updates comments stating that I know of no company who can process iPhone unlocks reliably and consistently at any price. The best is to try a small order from someone you trust that will try and if not successful will refund your money.

          One of the biggest issues now is the backlog of customers who have submitted in between time periods where the iphone imei unlocking servers have gone down and/or price has gone up after submitted but before cleared.

  7. murat says

    Hi everybody, I am frustrated of paying 100 usd for unlocking I have to wait but till when? pls someone gives idea what to do?


    • says

      I would sell it on eBay or craigslist for as much as you can get, or find a friend or college who has AT&T to submit for you.

      Also, you could get a ATT gophone plan at the minimum ($2/day and only use 1-2 times a month) …and wait 6 months and then they would unlock a device for you.

  8. JP says

    Any where to unlock iPhone now? I can’t affort $115 to unlock iphone at or other sites. It’s outrageous price.

    • says

      I wouldn’t pay anyone even $50 now. Promising or Guaranteeing successful unlock at any price by any vendor at this current moment is only wishful thinking on the providers behalf.

  9. Lord John Whorfin says

    Great sleuthing! Damn those AT&T douchebags. Blowfish doesn’t unlock AT&T iPhones anymore, and iDeviceGuys charges $99. Anybody with a good unlocking tip?

    • Ducky says

      I have been google more than 2 weeks to get iPhone 5s unlock but anywhere else price from $99 up to $130 ouch !!!,,!, but have to wait more than I week to get an unlock. Check on fleabay is the same if someone to which site range around $70

  10. murad says

    My direct Source is working fine but the average time is bananas, 3-7-14-18 Days and sometimes i get a refund it went from $0.99c to $45 credits. my customer still whiling to pay even up to $120 but i just need a direct source with maybe an average time of 3days at the most. email me if you hva e good source.

  11. Cosmin says

    Are the servers down again ? 27 Oct 2013 ? I have an iPhone 5 locked on AT&T and need it unlocked

  12. Vinit says

    I have an AT&T i phone, which i have been trying to unlock.
    I tried $40 option and it was refunded to me.
    Now there’s one contact who is ready to do it for $50.
    Do you think, I should try this option?

    • says

      As of now, you could try someone but make sure you pay with paypal and fund the transaction with the credit card on file for additional protection. Only submit if you’re willing to pay alot and potentially wait for days or weeks and have no success and hopefully a refund (and are willing to dispute with paypal and/or credit card company.

  13. says

    Add me to the list of unsatisfied customers. I logged on to my wholesale account at Apple N Berry and they wanted $39, which is more than I charge my customers!!!
    I tried calling them for answers but it went strait to voicemail. If anyone knows a good source, it would be appreciated, but I won’t spend more than $20.

    • says

      Applenberry is just trying to react as fast as this whole thing is changing. Like Blowfish, when it’s become really sticky and bad situation with the unlock change, at least they remove the product from their website. I’ve checked their site many times the last week and they’ve had the offering removed (or out of stock).

  14. Guru says

    Blowfish has spiked to $39 and speaks of delays 48hrs.
    Our current provider jumped from 9.99 to 19 to 21.99 but unlocks have been coming back rejected after as much as 120hrs.

    The carriers really need to be put in check. If people want thier out of contract devices unlocked it needs to be out of the carriers hands and available at reasonable costs or no costs. That’s a logical trade off, they get more control for devices in contract and no control for devices out of contract.

    • says

      I previously used Blowfish, but you’re right, they are not working now. Kudos to Blowfish though for not over promising and continuing to take clients money and crossing their fingers that they can get the IMEI’s for iPhones unlocked.

    • says

      As of 10/16, most suppliers came back online offering unlocks but refunded after their direct contacts price spiked. I’ve had it happen twice to me last week with same results from companies I’ve done business with and trust.

      Submitted for $18, 3 days later rejected and said price went up to $25. Submitted for $25, 3 days later was told price increased to $40.

      Don’t think their trying to squeeze anyone and hold the initial money hostage because their not asking to pay the balance of the increase. Their simply refunding and saying sorry.

      Don’t think it’s settled down yet. I’ll consider “settled down” when I can actually submit an unlock at offer price and get it back within the time frame of 1-2 days without issue.

    • says

      Yes check most recent. Seems now no one can get their phone unlocked (consistently) at any price from any company or individual who had previous access.

      • Dustin Jones says

        No one as of now. In the “$50” range is consistant and might refund you or take additional processing time beyond the expected time.

        Several clients have called to ask us and frankly, I tell them I can’t recommend anyone that can provide better service than their previous unlocker.

  15. RAHUL says

    Hey admin..Do you know anything about RSIM..?? cant we use RSIM for iphone 5c at&t network inorder to use a gsm network..????? (i saw a video in Youtube..)